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TSI provides materials testing and inspection for concrete, pile driving, caissons, masonry and structural steel with supplementary services in soils and asphalt. Individuals with TSI have experience in construction contracts as project superintendents, engineering managers, contractor quality control representatives and claim analysts for general contractors. Coupled with the construction experience, we have received training from governmental agencies as Residents Officer/Engineers in Charge of Construction, Contracting Officer's Representative Engineering Director and Public Works Officer.


Mr. Juan M. Diaz, is the founder and president of Testing Services & Inspection, Inc., (TSI), which specializes in quality control and assurance. After an early success with government contracts, TSI has expanded its testing and inspection business into the commercial markets and continues to provide testing throughout California and Mexico.

TSI's Commitment

The fundamental commitment of TSI is to provide reliable, competent, timely, professional inspection and testing services at an economical cost and with environmental impact. In the implementation of this policy, we are convinced the proper attention to the quality of human efforts and the materials which comprise the design, construction and operation structures, systems and components to be essential.