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TSI has specialized equipment for ultrasonic, radiographic, dye penetrate, magnetic particle testing of materials and nuclear gauge testing of soil. Non-destructive testing includes the detection of internal/external imperfections without affecting the form, fit or function of the test object or material.


To locate internal defects in pipelines, tanks, aerospace components, welds, casting, turbine blades and reinforcing steel in concrete.


To detect subsurface defects in welds, large kilns and structural steel by transmitting high frequency sound waves.

Magnetic Particle

To locate surface or near surface defects in ferrous materials including pipes, welds, castings, turbines, forging and equipment parts.

Liquid Penetrant

To locate both ferrous and non-ferrous materials including camshafts, bolts, repair welds, valve seating surfaces and turbines.

Ground Penetrading Radar

For detection of embedded reinforcing steel, post tension cables and electrical conduit.